Publication Date 01/04/2014         Volume. 6 No. 3   
Information to Pharmacists


From the desk of the editor

Business is tight!
Cash flow has evaporated!
The PGA calls for unity while simultaneously dismembering the business of consultant pharmacists.
The federal government continues to strip massive funds from the PBS to the extent that it is gasping for air.
Oh, and I forgot, the Revive Clinic thinks that pharmacists cannot vaccinate patients in community pharmacies ( It is actually a warehouse pharmacy group trying to destabilise the market here to push fellow-pharmacists off balance by supporting the Revive group).
Even wage-earning pharmacists have discovered that they have not had a rise in their pay over the past five years

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National Alliance for Pharmacy Education Intern Training Program accredited by APC

Staff Writer

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Editing and Researching news and stories about global and local Pharmacy Issues

The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) has accredited three leading universities to deliver the
National Alliance for Pharmacy Education’s (NAPE) Pharmacy Intern Training Program (ITP).
The NAPE ITP program is a major and significant new joint initiative by the National Alliance for
Pharmacy Education. Formed earlier this year by Monash University, The University of Queensland,
University of South Australia and The University of Sydney, NAPE aims to support the ongoing
advancement of the pharmacy profession as a key contributor to the healthcare team.
The NAPE ITP offers cutting edge education from universities at the forefront of pharmacy education
and research in Australia. Experienced educators and pharmacists, practicing in a variety of settings,
will assist students on their journey to become competent pharmacists. The program is flexibly
delivered utilising online, face-to-face and self-directed modes of education, allowing interns to easily
access their coursework irrespective of their location and to balance study with their work and personal

The introduction of national registration for pharmacists in 2010 has been an important driver in the
joint development of the ITP to be delivered by NAPE universities. Interns now have the flexibility to
undertake their training anywhere in Australia and after registering can practice across the country. In
alignment with the new national registration scheme, the Australian Pharmacy Council has introduced
stringent accreditation requirements for ITP providers. Being granted accreditation assures interns of
the high quality of the NAPE ITP.
In 2011 the NAPE ITP will be delivered by Monash University, University of South Australia and The
University of Sydney. Monash University has offered an ITP since 2004 with University of South
Australia commencing their program in 2010. These programs have been aligned and the University of
Sydney has recently announced it will also offer the program from 2011. The sharing of expertise and
knowledge between NAPE’s members ensures the NAPE ITP program is a high quality, dynamic
course delivered by experienced educators and leading pharmacists practicing in a variety of settings.
A significant advantage of the NAPE ITP is the potential for it to lead to a graduate certificate of
pharmacy practice, should students choose to complete an additional year of part-time study at the
completion of their intern year. With the workforce market becoming more and more competitive,
completing a postgraduate degree can support pharmacists seeking career progression and
commensurate remuneration.
“We believe that ready access to cutting edge university postgraduate award courses, including intern
training programs, is crucial for pharmacists as they contribute to and enhance health care delivery in
Australia,” says Professor Bill Charman Chair of NAPE. “Our program uniquely combines the best
aspects of an academic award, with a contemporary practice focus and delivery by experienced
practising pharmacists”
For more information contact
Prof Bill Charman 03 9903 9519
Prof Nick Shaw 07 3346 1701
Prof Iqbal Ramzan 02 9351 6950
Prof Jason White 08 8302 1203

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