Publication Date 01/04/2014         Volume. 6 No. 3   
Information to Pharmacists


From the desk of the editor

Business is tight!
Cash flow has evaporated!
The PGA calls for unity while simultaneously dismembering the business of consultant pharmacists.
The federal government continues to strip massive funds from the PBS to the extent that it is gasping for air.
Oh, and I forgot, the Revive Clinic thinks that pharmacists cannot vaccinate patients in community pharmacies ( It is actually a warehouse pharmacy group trying to destabilise the market here to push fellow-pharmacists off balance by supporting the Revive group).
Even wage-earning pharmacists have discovered that they have not had a rise in their pay over the past five years

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Aged Care Representatives become more militant

Staff Writer

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Not surprisingly, the federal government appears to be slowing down in the implementation of changes required by the aged care fraternity.
Aged care numbers are already beginning to bulge as mostly "baby-boomers" begin their retirement.
The demand for aged care services and the subsequent cost blow outs in the middle of a global financial crisis, may prove to be impossible to manage.
This means that aged care representative bodies will increasingly become more militant to achieve their goals.

Minister for Ageing attacked by Opposition

Source: DPS Aged Care News

The Minister for Ageing, Justine Elliot, has lost the confidence of national aged care bodies in this country, according to the Federal Opposition.

The Shadow Minister for Ageing, Margaret May, said that “A coalition of 11 peak industry bodies has called on the Government to implement changes to the aged care system to ensure the future sustainability and effectiveness of services, that will meet the needs of older Australians and their families.”

“The backlash from providers will involve a very public campaign in marginal seats to ensure their voices are heard. And heard they will be,” she said.

“The failure of the Government to provide senior Australians with the level of care and support they need has sprung the providers into action.”

“The Minister must address why the industry is rejecting government funded beds. The shortfall of residential bed licences allocated in the last (ACAR) approvals round is a reminder of the capital crisis in aged care.

"Providers are handing back licences, beds are being left empty and the last two Aged Care Allocation Rounds were under-subscribed. The Rudd government is putting our Aged care system at risk.”

“The Labor Government must end the blame game and focus on delivering a flexible and integrated aged care system,” Ms May said.

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